Understanding vision and eye problems

Over 60% of the world’s population or over 4.5 billion people, require corrective lenses or procedures for eye and vision problems. As the world’s foremost leader in vision and lens technology, we focus on providing solutions for all your vision needs while providing you with information about different vision defects to help you make the right decision for your eye health.

As one of the most complex organs in the human body, your eyes can be affected by genetic, environmental, and age-related issues. This can range from discomfort to more serious vision problems that can damage your eyesight. These can usually be divided into the following:

  • Eye conditions: This refers to abnormal health issues that impact your vision and ability to function properly due to sight impairment. Read more about myopia, presbyopia and many others eye conditions that could affect you or your loved ones.

  • Eye diseases: Eye diseases are issues caused by your body’s reaction to internal or external factors. From diseases such as glaucoma to conjunctivitis or ‘pink eye’, read more about eye diseases that can affect you.

  • Vision symptoms: These are common vision symptoms that have a root cause from either an eye disease or eye condition. Read more about blurry vision, eye strain and others that may symptomatic of something more serious.