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Essilor Azio

Customised lenses for Asian eyes

Customisation of Single Vision and Progressive lenses to the unique vision needs of Asian wearers. Tested & approved by Asian wearers for comfort & vision improvement

Essilor Azio Features

Our research found that the unique eye & face anatomy as well as ergonomics of Asian wearers have a major impact on their vision needs.

Given that the eye length of Asian wearers are generally longer and a centre of rotation that is further away from the eye, there is a need for a lens that provides a wider field of vision. Asian wearers have a less pronounced nose bridge and hence optimum Visual Experience is largely dependent on wearing conditions such as wrap, tilt, PD and vertex. We also found that the reading posture of Asians is different from other population groups, which would require a higher degree of convergence.

Introducing Essilor Azio that allows customisation of Single Vision and Progressive lenses for Optimum Lens Performance. Essilor Azio has been Tested & approved by Asian wearers for Comfort, Adaptation & vision improvements


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